Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Professional 73″L x 29”W – Made in Korea – Deep Penetration FIR Heat – Ion Therapy – Jewelry Grade Natural Amethyst – FDA Registered

$ 990.00

Size:Professional 73″L x 29″W

Ereada Corp is an American company focusing on FIR mats from the natural Amethyst.

Classic collection in Brown color includes 5 mats: Mini, Midsize, Pro, Single and Queen. These mats are made in Korea by Hyundai Medical the FDA registered manufacturer.

The main feature of this healthful mattress is a thick Amethyst layer releasing FIR rays and negative ions. 29″x74″ Professional mat contains 24 pounds of 100% natural untreated non-painted Korean tumbled purple Amethyst, the highest value for this mat size in the industry.

The mat is equipped with 7 intensity levels 68-158F double silicon EMF free Titanium heating system. Digital controller enables you to set heating level and session time. Amethyst mat emits FIR and Mid infra-red rays with 93% efficiency in the most absorbable wave length range 4-16 µm. InfraRed heat is structured by the amethyst layer to penetrate up to 8 inches deep. The mat provides a comfortable setting to manage an occasional sleeplessness. It produces Negative Potential ( Electrical discharge of negative ions E.D.N.I.) through the special N.P. Silver fiber layer. Negative ions are directly conducted to the body quickly restoring the cells natural electrical field and relaxing, re-charging and alkalizing.
The luxury wave lines design is distinctive by two clear vertical lines showing Amethyst gems, abundant under the entire surface.

Ereada mats are extremely durable built to last products.Classic Brown Mats come with a FREE protection cover and 2 YEAR WARRANTY with free shipping.

Our customer support service responds within 24 hours 7 days a week.

We are sure that you like the results of the mat use after a few sessions or we will refund your purchase price.
Just Start Low and Go Slow. Drink a lot and use the mat only on low levels for not more than half an hour the beginning.

Product Description

  • 2 Years Warranty. You can also purchase 5 years extension. Rare to Find Exceptional Old Time Quality Top End Product with Premium CEO Level Customer Support. Use Flat on Bed or Floor. Comparable with Infra-Red Sauna but No Space needed
  • Original Made in Korea Product. Manufactured with Industrial Grade Quality Parts by Hyundai Medical Factory. With 20 Years Experience in Hot Stone Mats and Many Old Mats still Working Perfectly. 7 Levels of EMFs Free Deep Heat. Adjustable 86 to 158 F
  • 15 Layers with Thick Entire Mat Layer of Jewelry Grade Korean and Brazil Crushed and Polished Grade A+ Natural Amethyst crystals. 24 pounds of 3-9 mm gems per mattress. Hot Gemstones Naturally Emit Negative ions and Far-infrared crystal 4-16 microns rays
  • Envelops With Soothing and Relaxing Warmth. Creates an Energized Environment so that you feel Detoxified and Inspired, Clear and Relieved, Inspired and Vigorous, Delight and Happy. Complements Activity. Supports Stress and Pain-Free Well-being Lifestyle
  • Provides a Restful and Calming Setting Ideal for Comfort and Retreat, All Night Sleeping, Wellness and Relaxation. Great for Massage, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Yoga, Chiropractic and other Vital and Energizing activities


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