Self Tanner – Best Self Tanners – Organic and Natural Sunless Tanning Lotion – Self Tanners Best Sellers – Self Tanning Lotion Bronzer Dark Tan for Body and Face

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The Most Beautiful Thing You Can Wear is Confidence

Is it time to hit the beach?  A cruise?  Or do you want to just look a little less pale?

Kick pale, pasty skin to the curb and greet the world with confidence. When you’re rocking a safe, natural tan, you’ll face life with the certainty that comes from knowing you look your best. And when you use our natural, gluten free, vegan, cruelty-free tanning lotion you’ll have the added bonus of knowing your beauty will never cost you your health or your integrity.  Beauty by Earth’s Self Tanner is a great alternative to baking in the sun, hitting up tanning beds or getting a spray tan.  No need for early signs of aging, sun spots, wrinkles or enhaling a mouthful of chemicals at your local tanning salon.

So what makes our sunless tanner the quickest way to a brand new you? It starts with a few carefully chosen ingredients. We collect high quality, nourishing, and natural ingredients from around the world to create a tanner that gives natural color without exposing your body to anything harmful. Ingredients like organic shea butter, organic green tea extract, and organic coconut oil care for your skin while supporting a streak-free sunless tan. Add color one application at a time to build a glow that will make everyone wonder when you had time to take a tropical vacation.

We know you’re picky about what you put on your skin. So are we!

Take a look at what other discerning tanning enthusiasts have to say. With over 1000 rave reviews, we’re pretty sure we’re doing something right!  So don’t wait any longer to add us to your cart and say “adios” to that ghostly skin.


Product Description

  • SAY HELLO TO PERFECT SUN KISSED SKIN: Our self tanner transforms even fair skin from “meh” to “marvelous” with no nasty streaks, orange color, blotches, or dark spots. This vegan sunless tanning lotion is cruelty free, never tested on animals and all natural.
  • GET TAN WITHOUT THE SUN DAMAGE OR CHEMICALS: There’s a reason this is one of the best sellers on amazon. This sun free tanning formula gives you a gradual sun kissed glow without sunburns, early aging, and skin cancer. Perfect alternative to brands that sell very chemical filled tanners.
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC Ever read the back of a conventional tanner? You need a PhD to pronounce all those ingredients. We use only simple, natural ingredients like organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, and nutritive Japanese green tea. your skin will look and feel incredible.
  • SAFE FOR EVERYONE AND YOU WON’T BE AN ORANGE OOMPA LOOMPA: If you have sensitive skin or are just plain pale, this is for you. Males, females and even teens use our tanning cream and look like they have just returned from a lavish trip to the Caribbean islands.
  • OUR CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE is quite simple. Try our Self Tanner, and get the beautiful bronze skin you desire – or your money back.


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