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Hello and Welcome to The Güüd Company. Focused on total wellness and making simple changes and better choices…everyday.

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Hello and Welcome to The Güüd Company.  Focused on total wellness and making simple changes and better choices…everyday.

Just to introduce myself here and invite you to other platforms… I’m Melissa Hall Klepacki and I’m passionate about wellness.  Trained as an Acupuncturist and living with my family and 3 dogs in Central New Jersey I host a podcast, consult with people working on wellness and am working on healing myself from Tick Born Illnesses.

I believe in simple changes and better choices.  What does this really mean?  Simple changes like getting to sleep earlier, drinking clean, filtered water instead of other beverages, making sure you are moving your body daily and starting a simple meditation practice can have a profound impact on your life.  No one is perfect and we should never expect that.  The willingness to try, the time it takes to plan, and an earnest desire to feel well in your body are all you need.  Your health should be your number one priority because it certainly isn’t anyone else’s and living in this crazy world we need to be in the best state of health possible.  That means removing things that are harming us and adding in things that make us stronger.  Simple, right?!

Better choices means not always making a perfect choice but from what’s available making the best possible choice for your health.  Grilled chicken sandwich over a burger perhaps, or reaching into the fridge for a snack instead of something in a bag or box.  Taking that 30 minute walk instead of scrolling through your phone or taking that nap when you have run out of steam.  Better choices means caring deeply for ourselves the way we would (and do) for our child.

Our world has become toxic and we can’t trust big companies to keep dangerous chemicals and poisons out of our food/water/product supply.  It doesn’t have to be so complicated all it takes is a little education (that’s why I’m here) and an understanding that wellness is a daily choice.  This website, my podcast and my Instagram feed are all here to enlighten you and to open up the possibility of feeling even better to you.

For the podcast click above and I’m on Instagram at www.instagram.com/melissahallklepacki

Remember Healing is possible and vibrant wellness is within your reach.

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