Why you might need an Accountability Partner

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In episode #960 I talk about the importance of an accountability partner when goal setting.  When we make a plan and are held accountable to that plan the chances of follow through are very high.  When we tell just ourselves that tomorrow we will go to the gym but then get invited out for drinks after work and we only have ourselves to disappoint it’s easy to let ourselves down.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Want to get fit? Hire a personal trainer. Make appointments and stick to it. A gym membership guarantees you nothing. You gotta do the work.

Want to lose weight? Weight Watchers works! Why? Because they hold you accountable.  It’s you that’s gotta do the work.

Training for a marathon?  It’s hard to motivate for a 12 mile run alone on a Sunday morning.  Much easier when a group from the running club is counting on you to show up. You gotta get yourself there first, right?

Whatever your goals are – seek out a mentor, a teacher, a practitioner or a friend to be your accountability partner.  Reminding you that you alone must first choose a goal and find an accountability partner but then the work begins.

Making changes and reaching goals takes work.  There are no two ways about it.

In many ways I serve as an accountability partner for the Wellness clients I work with.  Weekly check-ins to mark progress, the use of a wellness journal to watch trends, a detailed plan of action with steps and milestones on the journey to wellness.  For more information you can email me at melissa@theguudcompany.com

It’s something to consider if you want to make some changes and have been struggling to go it alone.

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